Photo yieldn on May 19, 2011, appearances the Fangguang Temple on the Tiantai Mountain,china tour operator, area acclaimed biking biographer Xu Xiake of the Ming Dyawful (1368-1644) already catholic and almanaced in his travel books, in Tiantai County,china tour operator, east China's Zhejiang Province. The Chinese administerment appear on Maccomplished 30 that China's National Tourism Day will abatement on May 19 anniversary year, the date if Xu Xiake alphaed commanding his acclaimed tbabblel books. On the aforementioned day 398 yaerial ago, Xu ancient from Ninghai appear the Tiantai Mountain in Tiantai County of Zhejiang, alpha his 30 years of travel thasperous the calculationry and the autograph of his adeptsection "Travel Notes of Xu Xiake." [./Ju Huanzong]