Mac OS X Lion 10.7 VMware Pre-installed image FOR Windows PC

This is the latest Mac OS X Lion developer's preview 3.
Because Mac OS X Lion is different from snow leopard and VMware workstation is not yet compatible w need to patch some files that lets VMware work perfectly using Mac OS X Lion as virtual OS. How to patch follow these steps:
1. Download the folder VMware patch below and unrar
2. Close VMware workstation and all its programs . Before run the patch, I highly recommend to take a full backup of VMware Workstation/VMplayer programs files (Normally located under C:\Program Files\VMware). By running this patch, it will modify some VMware exe files and unlock VMware to support Mac OS X server guest versions in Windows host.
3. Close the all virtual machines and VMware program completely, then open the command prompt as administrator (search windows for cmd and right click it and run it as administrator ) in Windows OS, execute the windows.bat file (right click windows.bat and run it as administrator).
4. Restart and then open Mac OS X Lion pre-installed VMware image with VMware.
Wupload Uploadstation Filesonic Download

if you do not want to wait that long I suggest you use 30-day package. work your use will become easier.

thank you very much!


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