Learn To Speak English v9.0 Deluxe [4 X CD]

Learn To Speak English v9.0 Deluxe [4 X CD] | 1.33 GB

The Complete Language Learning System. Designed by language experts, Learn to Speak English 9.5 provides the most complete language curriculum. With 25 interactive lessons, games and crossword puzzles, flexible lesson plans, and more than 100 exercises you will rapidly progress from beginner to intermediate speaker. This complete curriculum will get you speaking quickly while providing the vocabulary and grammar skills you need to master English.
Whether you are learning English for business or pleasure, Learn to Speak English will improve your language skills. If you've studied the language before, the lessons can serve as quick refresher course. Or, you can polish up on your vocabulary and grammar or cse to focus on conversational skills. You will learn to speak, read, and write English with fluency and confidence. It's fast, easy, and fun!
Get instant feedback from each lesson with drills and quizzes then monitor your progress throughout the course. You can pinpoint areas that need more work then return to any portion of the course materials to further hone your language skills.

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